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Secure Pilgub, Bali Police in East and Central Java Police Backup

Secure Pilgub, Bali Police in East and Central Java Police Backup

Bali Police chief Insp Wachyunadi Arif said it received aid personnel Down Operations Control (BKO) from East Java Police, Central Java Police and Brimob Kelapa Dua, Depok.

BKO’s, said Arif numbered 900 people that will be distributed to the 9th district and town in Bali. Each district to get additional personnel 100 people complete with weapons and so on.

“It was all to anticipate unwanted things from before, during voting and counting of votes later,” he said in Denpasar on Tuesday (05/14/2013).

According to the former Chief of the NTB, all deployed personnel will occupy their respective posts. For the withdrawal of troops, Arif claimed depends on the situation and the ongoing condition. Arif confirmed, it has instructed his staff to immediately undertake preventive measures in case of things that are considered to interfere with the safety and comfort of Bali gubernatorial election process.

“Of course the action taken must be in accordance with the applicable procedures or appropriate safety standards that exist. Estimated from the voting stage until there will be an increase in the calculation process and the security situation for the entire personnel must be sensitive to the situation on the ground,” he pleaded.

Meanwhile, a day ahead of Bali gubernatorial election which falls on Wednesday (15/05/2013) tomorrow, the police seemed to have fulfilled the city of Denpasar and surrounding areas. Even at some point the city of Denpasar, the police looked on full alert. Tight security has also been carried out in several places such as the Election Commission Office Bali, Bali Election Supervisory Committee, Office of the Governor of Bali, the Bali office of Governor, the residence of each candidate and Cawagub Cagub both Bali.

Tight security was also seen in the Office of the Election Commission and city districts in Bali, Supervisory Committee and city districts in Bali and several other vital facilities and all TPS in Bali.

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