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KPU Bali Add 6,800 New Voters in DPT

KPU Bali Add 6,800 New Voters in DPT

General Elections Commission (KPU) Bali through plenary meeting changes permanent voters list (DPT) decided to add more than 6,800 new voters in the election of Governor DPT (Pilgub) Bali. DPT change as part of efforts to implement the principles of accurate voter registration, up to date and comprehensive. Moreover, quite a lot of first-time voters who have not registered as voters in the gubernatorial election Bali.

KPU members Bali Ketut Udi Prayudi in keteranganya in Renon (05/06/2013) says in addition to adding voters in DPT, KPU Bali also do the removal of more than 5,400 voters. Voters are voters who removed the dead and double registered at DPT.

“Category because of death, because the double, this is what we expect, so we are the future of data become increasingly accurate, after changes
DPT is no deletion and addition, but if he does not change his removal DPT number, we only scratch “Ketut said Udi Prayudi

Ketut Udi Prayudi added with the addition and deletion of voters on the voter turnout in the DPT Pilgub Bali is currently the 2,925,679 voters than ever as 2918. 824 voters. While the number of polling place (TPS) as many as 6,371 polling stations remained

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