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Claimed King of Majapahit, Wedakarna Will Called DPRD Bali

Claimed King of Majapahit, Wedakarna Will Called DPRD Bali

Often claimed to be the King of Majapahit , Chancellor of the University Mahendradata Denpasar Dr. Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna Mahendradatta Wedasteraputra Suyasa III , will be called by the DPRD Bali .

This was revealed during Volunteer Forum Bali Mandara ( Forbara ) to rally to the DPRD Bali . Actual demonstration Wedakarna statement that questioned the DPRD Bali urged forcibly lowered Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika . But this issue then continues on about Wedakarna status , which is often claimed to be the King of Majapahit .

” On many occasions , Wedakarna come to various events in the sultanates of the archipelago by claiming to be the King of Bali . Recognition Wedakarna as the King of Majapahit Bali did not indicate if he was a rector and an intellectual who understands the social fabric Bali Balinese people , ” said Chairman Forbara Putu Arsana .

” It’s really a public deception . Anyone who raised him as King Bali and this recognition destructive social order , customs and culture of Bali . Balinese We ask that Parliament immediately called and asked for an explanation Wedakarna also about the recognition of himself as a king , ” he added .

The Bali demonstrators called for parliament immediately called Wedakarna held accountable for his statements and confession quibble incarnation of King Majapahit in Bali .

Related demand the protesters, Chairman of the Parliament of Bali Made Arjaya promised that if in the near future will call Wedakarna to be questioned about the statement requesting the Governor of Bali and recognition lowering himself as the King of Majapahit in Bali .

” We do not want it to be if Bali is not conducive to the existence of wild statements like that , ” he said .

Regarding Wedakarna recognition as king of Majapahit , the DPRD Bali will consult and coordinate in advance with Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia ( PHDI ) and General Assembly Pakraman ( MUDP ) Bali .

” The result of a summary of the meeting or the meeting will be submitted to the head of Bali Council for further action to immediately summon the parties concerned , ” he said .

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