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Bali Police Ready to Secure the 2013 APEC KTT

Bali Police Ready to Secure the 2013 APEC KTT

Related to the implementation of the High Level Conference Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC KTT) 2013, which will take place in Bali in October, Bali Police claimed to have been ready to secure such a prestigious event.

Bali Police chief Insp Arif Wachyunadi during a hearing related to the security of the APEC summit DPRD Bali in Denpasar, on Tuesday (08/20/2013) confirmed it is ready to secure all of the activities of national and international conferences held in Bali.

“We are in the police force is ready to secure the event. Fact, security is done throughout Bali. Not only in strategic places, but up at the village level,” he said in Denpasar on Tuesday (08/20/2013).

Procedures and provisions for security activities APEC summit, said Arif is in conformity with the standards in the police. “Security is not limited to the location of activities, but all secured location. Includes safety on the road to be traversed by the participants of the APEC summit,” he said.

Although the police have been ready, but Arif appealed to the public to participate in environmental security, and coordinate with local police if they see things that could compromise the security.

“Security is a shared responsibility Bali, therefore community participation is also expected for the security. If anyone is suspicious to immediately report to the police,” he pleaded.

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