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1,316 Police Secure Mendut and Borobudur

1,316 Police Secure Mendut and Borobudur

A total of 1316 police personnel to secure the procession of the Holy Tri Vesak celebrations in 2557 BE/2013 Mendut and Borobudur, Magelang regency, on Saturday (25/05/2013).

Head of Section (Head) Police Public Relations Magelang regency, AKP Gede explains security Mahardika done in anticipation of other disturbances that could hamper the smooth procession of Vesak.

“All personnel that consists of a Control Unit Mass (Dalmas) Police Magelang Regency and Magelang City, military, police, Brimob Central Java-Yogyakarta, Projo Service Police (Pol PP), Department of Transportation (Affair), and other agencies,” said Gede .

According to him, tightened security following a number of terrorist raids in some areas some time ago. Preferred security as carnival processions and holy water of eternal fire Mendut to Borobudur, which is about 3.7 kilometers.

During the carnival held at 14:00 pm, the road will be in place around Mendut roads open and close system, especially in the path of the procession. “Bus tourism and other vehicles that will be heading to Borobudur can still prevail, though he had to pull over,” he said.

It will also alert 21 cars belonging to any police station guard at every distance of 200 meters. At the moment the procession or meditation performed in Mendut at 11:30 pm, both Buddhists and visitors who want to see the officers and also must pass through a metal detector.

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